6 Qualities You Need to Be a Social Media Community Manager in 2021

4 min readOct 2, 2021


When wanting to create a new social media group, where should one begin? Here is an easy guide to take you through those first steps.

Great! Now that youhave created your Facebook group comes the hard part, managing it. Here are the 6 qualities you need to be a successful social media community manager in 2021.

  1. Social media community managers must be digitally savvy and be able to keep up with each social network that they are on. They must be able to adapt to the always changing and developing of social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok trends appear and fade fast, therefore, one must always be on top of the latest trends and features and know when to hop on them.

2. Communication skills are obviously a must for social media managers. The social media manager needs to be able to write effectively and in the tone of the brand. The first step is to be able to listen effectively. One must be able to decipher the audience’s expectations and understand what the members want. Then one must engage with the audience in response to the data gathered. This includes keeping an eye on brand mentions, taking note of trends, and replying to questions.

3. Being able to build relationships with users is a must. A social media community manager must be able to create and maintain a relationship with the audience’s members to ensure high retention rates. However, one must be able to do so with each member of the audience which could be completely different from another. Any member who feels neglected will most likely leave, therefore, it is important to understand your customers and deal with them on an individual basis.

4. A social media manager must be organized to develop and follow through a social media strategy. A social media community manager must spend a big portion of its time around the actual content curating it, sourcing it, and scheduling it. This takes excellent organizational skills.

5. When all is said and done, a social media community manager must be able to determine if it was all successful or how it was received by the audience. Analytics come after executing the strategy. Tracking the audience’s sentiments, behavior, reactions, and opinions toward the content posted will reveal how they received and interacted with it. A good understanding of this will lead to better retention rates withing the community.

6. A social media community manager must be always attentive to what is being said in the online community. This means that he must be able to keep an eye on conversations and mentions of the brand, feedback from the consumers, and every comment that connects back to the organization. By monitoring the online conversation continuously, one can preempt and deal with any situations that could lead to problems. This could dissolve a major crisis before it happens and launch an analysis of the problem. By being attentive one can make sure that whatever was misunderstood by the audience is not repeated and correct any future similar content. When handling discord a social media community manager must aim to be always the voice of reason.

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