The Most Relatable Facebook Group’s Success Tactics

4 min readSep 8, 2021


I am a part of a Facebook group called #relatable (The OG). I came across this group by simply scrolling through my timeline. I stopped when I saw the meme, read it quickly, laughed and kept scrolling. However, a few minutes later I wanted to show the meme to my friend and frantically proceeded to scroll up and find it. When I did, I screenshotted the meme and joined the group for more similar content. Basically, the group is about adding funny memes that are relatable. In the “About” section of the group it states that if you get offended easily, this page is probably not for you. This group has 178.6K members who are not offended easily, and I had to be a part of it.

Analyzing how the group operates successfully is by providing exactly what it promises. The content is consumed in a few seconds by the viewer, and it provides a quick laugh. For those same reasons members are prompted to share the content with their friends. There is, however, no share button on the posts. Therefore, a member can tell a friend about the group and its content, but the only way to see the memes are to join the group. Some people have even tried tagging others who are not members in the comments, but they will not be able to view the content unless they join.

Both administrators and members create posts. However, the content follows the same format of visual memes with not a lot of writing. By following the same format, the page looks consistent, and all members get what they are in for. Some members earn a badge when they consistently create meaningful discussions with their posts in the group. Earning a conversation starter badge could be an incentive for some. Every post has significant engagement. Many people comment even if it’s just to say, “So me!” Here lots of emojis and gifs are used to express emotions making the conversation come alive.

Sometimes posts refer to themes, for example, during Halloween there is a series of Halloween themed memes that are posted. These themed posts make social media fun, personal, and best of all, they take the pressure of coming up with something unique to post.

Some members come up with their own themes specific to the group such as “toxic Tuesday” to post funny and crazy relationship memes.

Sometimes the admin and other members asks questions along with the meme posted. Posting direct questions is a simple but great way to get the conversation rolling. Think of question as a call to action that persuades people to quickly jump into the conversation and share their thoughts. There are a few different types of questions that are asked. Closed questions sound like “Are you also over 25 and insist on getting an advent calendar for December?”

People will respond to it with a straight ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Open-ended questions sound like “What does your boyfriend do when you’ve had a hard week?”

There can’t be a straight answer to this question and every member will answer differently.

At the end of the day #relatable (The OG) is the most relatable Facebook group I have found yet and the tactics used in its engagement have allowed it to relate to over 170 thousand people.


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